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3D Resin Printing : Best Budget DLP Printer

My regular viewers and readers will not be surprised when I say - I love DLP printers! The precision and accuracy is incredible. But, of course, they've always been expensive and therefore associated only with industry. Luckily that changed a few years ago (thank you Anycubic for creating the amateur DLP market) and now we're beginning to see more and more of these excellent machines.

Here I’ve listed these budget DLP printers that I’ve personally owned and thoroughly tested, and even ranked them in order of recommendation. Prices aren’t included as these change too frequently, but I have included convenient price links so you can check the money side of things out for yourself.

VogMan’s Best Budget DLP Printer Picks

W x D x H
Elegoo Mars 4 DLP #1 52 µm S 133 x 75 x 150 mm My YouTube Review
Anycubic Photon D2 #2 52 µm S 131 x 73 x 165 mm My YouTube Review
Anycubic Photon Ultra #3 80 µm S 102 x 58 x 165 mm My YouTube Review

To fully understand the reasoning behind my ranking decisions, you need to visit and watch each video review (links provided above).

But for those who, like me, prefer the convenience of a cheat sheet, put simply the Mars 4 DLP and the Anycubic D2 are equals in terms of print quality. However, in terms of build quality, the Mars has the edge. However, this may lead to a pricing difference, so remember to shop carefully.

XY Resolution

If you’re thinking, “Those XY resolution figures aren’t very impressive,” well don’t. That’s just DLP printing. It’s a different technology and can’t be compared with SLA (etc) printers in the same way. Personally, for instance, I think the Photon D2 prints every bit as well as the 22 µm Phrozen Mini 8K… so bare that in mind.

Industrial Printer

I haven’t listed any expensive DLP printers here, only the budget models. I’ve never been lucky enough to test industrial level printers and as my audience tends to be at the amateur end of the market, I probably never will.

About the Price Links

IF YOU ARE going to buy one of these printers, I’d be grateful if you could do it by clicking one of the links I provide. This will not cost you any extra but in some cases it can generate a small commission for me. And before the cynics say anything, no, my ranking system is NOT biased in favour of commissions… that’s not my style. These commissions aren't enough to change anyone's life, though they can help me cover the costs of this website and my various channels. However, I'd prefer to lose these commissions and speak honestly, rather than deceive someone out of hundreds so that I can earn pennies.



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