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3D Printer Reviews by VogMan

At some point, I sort of fell in with 3D resin printer reviews. I can say in all honesty that I am not a printer expert of any kind, but folks seemed to enjoy my honest and straightforward way of describing exactly what I see.


I haven’t always been popular with the printer companies. I do tell the truth, warts and all, and whilst I never set out to be negative, if I feel something is wrong, I never shy away from saying it. This has led to more than one instance where the company concerned had to alter their designs.

I’ve actually done so many 3D printer reviews now that it would be pointless trying to relay that information on these pages. However, I have created a separate 3D printer section which you can find on the main menu. This also includes a very simple “What printer should I buy?” guide (here).

I also list my favourite printers in order of preference. Feel free to ignore this… it’s obviously biased. I rate things my own way, but most particularly I rate printers on their printing quality and ease of use.

Thanks for the great video!!! Lots of good info and I got some resolutions to a few problems that I've been having.

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