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Here's an important point... I'm not an expert!

If you're happy enough to accept that I might be wrong, then perhaps you'll find some of my tutorials interesting. Don't worry, I try very hard not to be wrong, but I'm only human.

With that said, I've been genuinely overwhelmed by the kind and positive comments I've received about my vegoilcar website and my YouTube videos, and this has encouraged me to offer some words on topics that I feel relatively competent to talk about. However, you would benefit greatly by supplementing anything you might learn here by researching other material as well...

To see a list of the all tutorials I have available for you to read about, simply click “Tutorials” in the menu and select one of the subjects that interests you.

Also remember I also take video requests. So please browse and enjoy!

duude!! this is like Kusgesarg but focused on electrical elementalism I love it

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