How to Hard Wire a Dashcam

Fitting a Dashboard Camera

Fitting a dashcam is a wise precaution that can save you thousands in the courts or in insurance premiums and placing them on the windscreen or dashboard of your vehicle is easy enough. But can you live with all those dangling wires? I couldn't, so I decided to hard-wire my dashcam.

The purpose of hardwiring is to help get rid of all the dangling cables that hang down, covering the windscreen and dashboard. It’s about relocating the power adapter from the cigarette socket to somewhere inside the dashboard, making a sound electrical connection and tidying everything away safely and neatly.

In the following video I hard-wire a Transcend DrivePro 200 dashcam into my 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser LC4. I was fortunate enough to be assisted by Jay of Black ICE, a mobile Auto Electrician service based in Wolverhampton.

I begin very briefly by talking about positioning the dashcam. Here in the UK there is legislation in place that can cause a vehicle to fail an MOT with an incorrectly located dashcam. I hope you find this helpful.

Tutorial Video...

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